PHP Performance Audit

I'll identify performance issues in your PHP application.

Performance matters

Are you looking to:

  • Increase conversion rates?

  • Reduce cart abandonment rates?

  • Improve search rankings?

  • Gain user trust?

My PHP Performance Audit can help you do that.

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$5,000 fixed price

Why audit the performance of your PHP application?

Performance can influence conversion rates, cart abandonment rates, search engine optimization rankings, and how trustworthy your clients find your site. This leads to lower sales, poor search rankings, mobile visitors abandoning your site altogether, and loss of user trust.

Sites with poor performance can have a huge impact on a business. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to know if a site is performing poorly. That's why a performance audit of your website or application can be so important.


If you're not satisfied, contact me within 3 days of our kickoff meeting and we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

PHP Performance Audit

I'll audit your PHP application to help identify performance issues. This is a fixed-scope project with no defined end date. I will work on this project until the audit is completed. Order now to secure my next available slot.

What's included

  • In-depth discovery of your application

  • Written report outlining everything we discover

  • Proposals for fixing Low-hanging Fruit

  • Recommendations for specific performance issues

Fixed price

$5,000 USD
How it works

What does a PHP Performance Audit look like?

First, I'll work closely with your team to understand how your application works. Then, I'll explore the code to uncover any performance issues. Finally, I'll give you the information you need to know to improve the performance of your application.

At the end of the audit, you'll receive a written report. Your report will include:

  • Analysis of how your application is performing
  • Proposals for how to fix any low-hanging fruit I discover that will help improve performance across the board
  • Recommendations for steps to take to increase the performance of your application

What kind of performance issues can you detect?

I look at your code and measure resource consumption while your application is executing. This allows me to figure out where and how those resources are being used. You can use this information to determine how best to improve the performance.

Which resources do you look at?

There are a few key resources we will look at to help determine whether there are performance issues with your application.

CPU Time

This is the time spent executing your application. This is time that your application is actually running code. High CPU time contributes to high CPU load averages and consuming too many compute resources.

I/O Time

This is the time your application spends waiting for something to happen. During this time your application is not actually running code. High IO time can be a sign of slow external resources, problems with local infrastructure (like disks), or problematic SQL queries.


Your application consumes memory. This is where your application stores what it knows while it is executing. If your application consumes too much memory, your application or site can become slow or unstable.


Many applications also consume network resources. Any time your application communicates with a resource on a different host or network involves networking resources. This can contribute to both higher I/O time and larger-than-needed bandwidth bills when transferring data in cloud environments.

About Me

I am a technology strategy consultant with over 20 years of PHP experience under my belt.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to me via email at [email protected].

How long will my audit take?
It depends! A successful audit will require close collaboration between me and your technical team. Availability, scheduling, and acting on action items may take some time. The early stages of the audit will involve getting key stakeholders together to get a better sense of what I'll need from your team so I can start building a timeline.
What if I don't have a technical team?
No problem! I'll do what we can to ensure a successful audit with whatever resources you have available.
Do I have to work with you to address the findings in my audit?
No! You are not tied to working with me after your PHP Performance Audit is complete. The results of the audit are structured clearly so that any developer can use it. That said, I am available for PHP Performance Consulting and PHP Performance Tuning.
Are you available for consulting while we act on the findings in my audit?
Yes! I'd be delighted to help you successfully address any performance issues discovered in your audit! I offer a PHP Performance Consulting service that extends my involvement beyond the initial PHP Performance Audit.
Can I hire you to fix the findings in my audit?
Yes! I'd be delighted to help you fix the performance issues discovered in your audit! I offer a PHP Performance Tuning service that extends my involvement beyond the initial PHP Performance Audit.

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