Bringing Sculpin to Life

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Are you curious about the process of creating an open-source application from scratch? Are you asking questions like, "should I contribute to an existing project instead?" or "does the world really need yet another [insert your idea here]?" Maybe you are wrestling with, "am I good enough?" or "what if nobody wants to use it?" Once you decide to go for it, a whole new round of decisions need to be made like "which framework should I use?" , "should I roll everything from scratch?" or "should I use some standalone libraries to help me?"

Come see how this scenario played out for Sculpin ( Learn about the motivations for creating yet another static site generator for PHP. Find out about the questions and barriers that almost kept Sculpin from ever being created. Discover the technology decisions that needed to be made and how those have changed over time. Walk away knowing more about what it was like for one open-source application to grow from idea to a full-fledged application with actual users.