Blackfire Consulting

I'll help your team understand how to use Blackfire.

$1,500 monthly retainer


If you're not satisfied, contact me within the first 30 days of our engagement and I'll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

Blackfire Consulting

This is a monthly retainer service giving you unlimited access to our expertise in the domain of Blackfire. It is open ended, meaning you can keep me on as long as you like – whether that be one month or many years.

What's included

  • Everything from my PHP Performance Consulting service

  • Interpreting Blackfire performance profiles created by your team

  • Diagnostic support for tracking down issues caused by Blackfire

  • General support and knowledge for how best to use Blackfire


$1,500 USD

About Me

I am a technology strategy consultant with over 20 years of PHP experience under my belt.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to me via email at [email protected].

Do I need a Blackfire subscription?
Yes! However, if your team does not actively use Blackfire already, you may want to consider either my Blackfire Bootstrapping service or my PHP Performance Consulting service.
What if I don't have a technical team?
No problem! However, this service is not appropriate for you. Please look at our PHP Performance Audit or PHP Performance Tuning services.
Are you able to just tell me why our website or application is not performing well?
Yes! I'd be delighted to help you audit your PHP project for performance issues. I offer a PHP Performance Audit service can help get you started.
Can I hire you to fix performance issues?
Yes! I'd be delighted to help you fix performance issues in addition to consulting with your team! I offer a PHP Performance Tuning service that extends our involvement beyond consulting into actual implementation.

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